Dade County, FL

Dade County, FL

When you choose Nextep for your addiction treatment, you will receive hands-on, quality care from a licensed and certified staff. Our compassionate therapists offer the highest quality addiction treatment and addiction therapy in a safe and confidential setting. Our rehabilitation center focuses on giving patients the tools they need to be active participants in their own recovery. When you need to be trusted care from a locally owned drug treatment center, alcohol treatment center, or general addiction center, we offer the trusted services you can depend on. 

Outpatient Services

Our outpatient treatment program involves outpatient counseling, outpatient therapy service, as well as education to assist patients in an effective outpatient recovery journey. The programs are focused on abstinence only and evidence-based protocols. Outpatient services include a 12 step approach that is also the core foundation of our drug addiction treatment and alcohol addiction treatment services. 

Sober Living Homes

In addition to outpatient services, we also offer sober living homes where patients from Dade, FL, and the surrounding areas can recover on location at our drug rehab center and alcohol rehab center. All of our programs are centered around mental health care as the defining point of every recovery journey. Our certified recovery homes are conveniently located near to bus routes, employment, as well as 12 step meetings. We are proud to provide safe homes where our patients can recovery with support and dignity. 

Contact Us

When you are ready to take the next step in your recovery, contact Nextep drug treatment center and alcohol treatment center. Call us for more information about our addiction therapy services at (239) 362-0144 today.

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