About Us

We Offer Day Treatment and Intensive Outpatient Services  

About Nextep

We are an outpatient substance abuse provider and recovery residence whose primary goal is to teach, model and provide an environment to promote recovery from addiction. 

Nextep is the FIRST certified recovery residence in Southwest FL. Nextep is a level III certified recovery residence through FARR (Florida Association of Recovery Residences) and NARR (National Alliance of Recovery Residences).

Our Vision

Nextep's primary vision is to teach and promote long term recovery from the disease of addiction. We envision the day when every recovering addict and alcoholic in need of extended treatment and support can avail themselves of our type of services.

Our Philosophy

Nextep is about recovery from the disease of addiction. We are an outpatient substance abuse provider and a six-month supportive living environment designed to bridge the gap from early recovery to independent living. We have 9 locations all conveniently located by local bus routes and 12-step meetings. Our program is based on 12-step principles and guidelines and supervised by professional staff and peers. We serve 44 men and 38 women. 

Our goal is to teach and empower the recovering individual to internalize healthy living skills that can be utilized over the course of a lifetime. For individuals trapped in a world of substance abuse, life can seem desperate. At Nextep, we believe chances for long-term recovery increase dramatically with support from professionals and peers in an established community. At Nextep, we provide a fostering, compassionate environment where long-term healing is the primary focus. 

Subsequently, we are dedicated to the following ideology that serves as our foundation: 

Integrity - to deal honestly and above reproach with our residents, employees, the professional community and the public.

Responsibility - to accept and maintain accountability for the welfare and anticipated long-term recovery of residents while in our care.

Value - to offer the highest level of on-site support to recently recovering individuals with drug and alcohol dependencies.

Our Mission

Our mission at Nextep, is to provide a nurturing recovery environment and to help teach our clients the necessary skills to maintain recovery from active addiction. 

Our communities are conducive for developing a personalized plan for recovery to gain self-confidence, build and maintain family relationships, acquire stable employment and return to life with an entirely new lifestyle and approach to living. We take a goal-oriented approach to healing. Whatever your goals might be we want to help you achieve them.

"When I had been beaten down by active addiction and thought I had nowhere to go, or no one there for me, Nextep has been there 100%, and Given me an opportunity and safe environment to make the decisions I needed to make to better my life. I just want to say thank you to Nextep as a whole, and Robert Raab…"

- David H.
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